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For the alternate future

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What happens in 2017?

The Russian Youtubers unite into the Oligarchial Republic of Machinima Youtubers (ORMY)
The Canadian Youtubers become the Canadian Peace Organization (CPO)
The Carribean Youtubers form the Blood Diamond Confederacy (BDC)
jacksfilms invades most of Mexico very quickly.
The Middle East falls into anarchy.
South America devolves into civil war.


N. America

Red - Pewdiepie
Light Green - NormalBoots
Yellow - PeanutButterGamer
Lavender - CPO
Light Blue - nigahiga
Dark Green - jacksfilms
Purple - BDC

S. America

Team Crafted (too lazy to divide it)


Dark Blue - AntVenom
Light Green - LeafyIsHere
Purple - h3h3productions
Dark Green - jacksepticeye
Mid-Blue - Bashurverse
Red - Keemstar
Yellow - DanTDM
Orange - Pyrocynical


Mindcrack Confederacy (Mindcrack YouTubers)

Middle East

Purple - ORMY
Red - EmpLemon
Light Green - HowtoBasic
Dark Blue - Bill Wurtz
Pink - CringeTubers
Mid-Blue - SMG4