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At the beginning of 2017, the governments of the world and the United Nations are suddenly disolved, and a new order rises to take their place: YouTubers. YouTubers divide the world up amongst themselves. Everything is peaceful… For a few days.

List of Wars and conflicts

Maps “Year” are of January 1st of said year, events (YEAR) are everything that happened in that year.


N. America

Red - Pewdiepie
Light Green - NormalBoots
Yellow - PBG
Dark Red - Markiplier
Lavender - LordMinion777
Orange - Muyskerm
Pink - yamimash
Light Blue - nigahiga
Dark Green - jacksfilms
Purple - MrJoCrafter, ChewLeKitten, DjSlime, TheRedBrit, ZachAttack, RodGods, lilpookie2000, ThePlayaKing, Jdogplayz
(too lazy to divide it up)

S. America

Team Crafted (too lazy to divide it)


Dark Blue - AntVenom
Light Green - LeafyIsHere
Purple - h3h3productions
Dark Green - jacksepticeye
Mid-Blue - Bashurverse
Red - Keemstar
Yellow - DanTDM
Orange - Pyrocynical


Mindcrack Confederacy (Mindcrack YouTubers)

Middle East

Prank/Drama channels (too lazy to divide it)


Tan - PinkSheep, ExplodingTNT, PurpleShep, Failboat, and all their friends/fan channels. Also, not going to divide it.
Red - EmpLemon
Light Green - HowtoBasic
Dark Blue - Bill Wurtz
Pink - CringeTubers
Mid-Blue - SMG4