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NOTE: This wiki shows EVERYTHING in the mod. From items to portals, this is your one stop spot to all things CstudiosMod!
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Type Link to Item
Info Achievements
Gem Amythest
Block Amythest Block
Ore Amythest Ore
Food Bagel
Block Bagel Block
Portal Bagel Dimension Portal
Item Bagel Lighter
Item Bagel Shard
Mob Bagel Warrior
Gem Blood Diamond
Food Blood Diamond Apple
Tool Blood Diamond Axe
Block Blood Diamond Block
Armor Blood Diamond Body
Armor Blood Diamond Boots
Weapon Blood Diamond Bow
Armor Blood Diamond Helmet
Tool Blood Diamond Hoe
Armor Blood Diamond Leggings
Multitool Blood Diamond Multitool
Ore Blood Diamond Ore
Tool Blood Diamond Pickaxe
Tool Blood Diamond Shovel
Weapon Blood Diamond Sword
Block Colored Plastic
Ingot Enhanced Slimeium Ingot
Gem Feldspar
Block Feldsparite Block
Ingot Feldsparite Ingot
Weapon Feldspar Launcher
Ore Feldspar Ore
Item Fidget Spinner
Food Lemon
Food Lemonade
Biome Lemon Grove
Block Lemon Leaves
Food Lemon-Limeade
Tree Lemon Tree
Block Lemon Wood
Block Lemon Wood Planks
Food Lime
Food Limeade
Biome Lime Grove
Block Lime Leaves
Tree Lime Tree
Block Lime Wood
Block Lime Wood Planks
Utility Machine Gear
Weapon Master Sword
Fuel Oil
Block Plastic
Item Plastic Sheet
Armor Slime Body
Armor Slime Boots
Dimension Slime Dimension
Portal Slime Dimension Portal
Armor Slime Helmet
Gem Slimeium
Block Slimeium Block
Block Slimeium Brick
Ore Slimeium Ore
Block Slimeium Stone
Armor Slime Leggings
Item Slime Portal Igniter
Mob Slime Zombie
Ingot Steel Ingot