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Welcome to the Official Mod of Team Cstudios!


This mod is no longer in development! It is FEATURE COMPLETE, and all of the bugs are bugs with the engine (MCreator) and not the code. so don’t say “Armor textures are gone” or something like that.

Hey Hey!

A new mod is being developed as a remake of this one. For now, this one is more complete, but you can follow along with the development here:

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This mod adds amazing new stuff like:

Mod Wiki

Confused on items or how to craft them? Check out this very useful item wiki found here.


Use 1.11.2 to play!

Check out the CurseForge page!

Here you can download from CurseForge or from GitHub (if for some reason you cannot access CurseForge).

“Download” downloads from CurseForge, “Mirror” downloads from GitHub.

Release Type Change-Log Download from CurseForge Download from GitHub
Release v1.0.1 Download Mirror
Release v1.0.0 Download Mirror
Alpha v1.0.0-Pre3 Download Mirror
Alpha v1.0.0-Pre2 Download Mirror
Alpha v1.0.0-Pre1 Download Mirror
Beta v0.9.0 Download Mirror
Beta v0.8.0 Download Mirror
Beta v0.7.1 Download Mirror
Beta v0.7.0 Download Mirror
Beta v0.6.0 Download Mirror
Beta v0.5.1 Download Mirror
Beta v0.5.0 Download Mirror
Alpha v0.4.0 Download Mirror
Alpha v0.3.0 Download Mirror
Alpha v0.2.1 Download Mirror
Alpha v0.2.0 Download Mirror
Alpha v0.1.0 Download Mirror


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